Transpersonal Psychology Degree Programs

Transpersonal psychology is all about the analysis of the spiritual aspects of an individual. It deals with the recognition of the belief in the person’s self and inspiration in relation to consciousness. This field of psychology examines the different reasons on why to believe the things that are proven to not exist. Some of the major aspects of this field include refuting the Darwinist Theory of Evolution and the idea behind existence. Some of the areas that are covered under this field include subliminal communications, mystical beliefs, ego, and self-development.


The main premise beneath this field of psychology is the combination of the psychoanalytical concepts of logic and spiritual beliefs. This is related to the field of spiritual psychology as it also deals with the examination of various belief systems and the spiritual condition of the human mind. This is a study in the field of psychology that is deeply concerned about believing in the things that cannot be explained and how it enables a person to be engaged in unpredictable actions. Many people have found this discipline to be intriguing, especially because it also studies the belief in after life.

Degree Programs

Degree programs in transpersonal psychology are focused on the combination of mainstream scientific approaches with the philosophies of existence. Those who are studying this specialized field of psychology are engaged in the critical analysis of the areas of concern through the performance of a thorough research. Such research will also enable the students to understand the different situations that are related to human spirituality. Different perspectives and ideas are also considered in order to understand cultural belief systems, traditional norms, and customs.

Other areas that are studied in degrees related to transpersonal psychology include human characteristics, emotional intelligence, personification of ideologies, native cultural beliefs, sacred learning, conscious and unconscious conditions, self-reflection, meditation, and hypnotherapy. The specific subjects that are taught may include:

- Art and expressive therapy
– Ancient wisdom and sacred learning
– Mind and body connections
– Transforming consciousness
– Integral psychology
– Energy of emotions
– Life transitions and rites of passage

If you would want to learn more about this branch of psychology, you can decide to be enrolled in an in-campus program or take an online degree.

Career Opportunities

A transpersonal psychologist will conduct work activities that are related to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the various diseases that are associated with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. You will need to deal with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, various schools of thoughts, and varying belief systems. An understanding of the things you have learned through formal education can prove to be valuable in communicating with your patients.

You can also consider employment in the field of social service. This might provide you with the opportunity to help other people to have a more elaborate understanding of the different cultures and traditions. You can also become a social activist and defend false ideas within the community.

Salary Prospects

According to the National Salary Trend, transpersonal psychologists have an average annual income of $68,000, which can be even higher with better degree and experience in such field.

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