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The main aim of sports psychology is the application of psychological knowledge to improve performance of athletes by ensuring their well-being and overll health. This field focuses on an athlete’s developmental aspects in terms of their participation or contribution to the team. Sports psychology is an attempt to ensure that athletes are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows them to perform to their best abilities.

Sports psychologists assist athletes to achieve mental health by allowing them to logically develop certain abilities. They try and design organized goals that athletes could achieve gradually. These psychologists allow athletes to be able to evaluate their performance and enable them to think of ways to improve their performances. Such professionals also attempt to assist athletes that have any issues of concentration by training them through attention control strategies. They have the ability to guide athletes in understanding sportsmanship and the related ethicalities as well as the manner in which they should apply leadership skills.

The California State University offers certificate program in sports psychology. The main aim of this program is to enable an individual to aid in optimizing an athlete’s performance. The idea is to contribute in developing a winning team. This certificate program is designed to aid students to set goals in their personal life as well as athletes’ and develop plans to achieve these goals. This program is designed to aid one to be able to provide consultation to various teams at the professional or college level. California State University is considered to be among the best sports psychology schools in California. Their certification program also includes a requirement for students to complete an internship in order to apply their understanding of this study under supervision.

In the state of California, sports psychologists earn an annual mean income of $116,000, as of 2012 (  Sports psychologists could work as part of various professional and national teams of football team, swimming team, cricket team and more. They could also work as a part of a more amateur athletic team at the school or college level. As of 2011, there were 15,990 such professionals working in various fields of psychology in the state of California (BLS).

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