Spiritual Psychologist Career Guide

Overview and Job Duties

Spiritual or transpersonal psychology basically deals with the analysis of transpersonal, spiritual, or self-transcendent expressions of individual cognizance. This is quite a complicated area of science, basically because not everyone has the ability to explore the phenomenon of spiritual psychology. The critics of spiritual psychology do not have an understanding of the changes of the soul of an individual from within. This field would require the professional to be engaged in the examination of recent thoughts for the purpose of creating new concepts. It postulates that the human being is multi-dimensional, with different facets that can be analyzed from the physical life. This is involved in the study of the different levels of consciousness within the human mind, which cannot be accessed by anyone.

Spiritual psychologists have the duty to render their services to their patients who would want to expand their spirituality. In addition, this would also require the ability of the psychologist to hear inner voices, and such will only be possible with a set of skills, such as concentration. These professionals also provide suggestions on the spiritual and meditative exercises that can be done in order to improve the spirituality of their patients. It will require working with meditation strategies and the ability to connect to the soul of the patient through various spiritual techniques that are learned through formal education.

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Job Outlook

The spiritual psychologist can work as an individual who can be a guide or activator proposing the happening of one event instead of the other. Such career will require the professional to observe the experiences and choices made by the patient in order to have an understanding of their spirituality.


The median annual salary for a psychologist, although not specific in the case of spiritual psychologist, is $82,877.

Educational Requirements

In order to take further studies in a master’s program for spiritual psychology, the most basic requirement would be the completion of a bachelor’s degree. There is also a need to comply with psychology coursework. The master’s degree that can be obtained in relation to this field would include Masters of Arts in Non-Secular Psychology. This is a program that is not designed for licensed psychologists. Rather, this is needed as an educational background for spirituality coaches, life coaches, and wellness employees.

Through an extensive study of spiritual psychology, it is possible to become familiar with the universal spiritual themes that can be seen in all spiritual paths, cultures, and people. This study will also lead into the discovery of the metaphors of self-transformation as a result of cross-cultural perspectives on faith, myth, and symbol. It is possible for the students to gain inspiration on the cognizance of the variations and commonalities that exist on the methods of religious knowledge.

If you think that spiritual psychology is a field that you would want to pursue, you can consider taking an online degree that will provide you with the educational background that is needed to start a career in such discipline.

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