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Paranormal psychologists research and discover supernatural events and phenomena which can’t be explained through conventional science. Paranormal psychology can be divided into three clear divisions:

– Telekinesis
– Telepathy
– Precognition

Telekinesis is the alleged ability to alter or move objects with the mind solely through concentration. People with telekinetic abilities have been said to be able to focus on an object or even a person and not only move them through space, but alter the object’s qualities by vibrating, bending, spinning, or breaking it.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with another through the use of thought processes. Telepathy has allegedly been used to communicate with the spirits of the dead through various mediums.

Precognition is the alleged ability to foresee a future event. This supposedly can be accomplished through dreams or conscious “visions,” in which an individual “sees” an event before it actually occurs.

Some believers have attempted to justify these abilities through prayer and meditation. As in neuropsychology, paranormal psychologists analyze cases of hyper sensitivity, which sometimes results in an individual’s ability to see, hear, and sense things others cannot. In addition, paranormal psychologists study theories relating to various religious ideologies, particularly as they apply to beliefs in life after death. The aim of the paranormal psychology discipline is to understand why individuals believe they have these abilities, with the ultimate goal of analyzing these events to obtain definitive proof of existence.

For those interested in the supernatural, an online degree in paranormal psychology may lead to an interesting and promising career. Additionally, one might choose to specialize in a particular supernatural field for more in-depth study, depending on one’s personal interests and knowledge.

Bachelor’s Degree

After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and gaining a solid understanding of basic psychology concepts, one might pursue higher education at the master’s level with a concentration in parapsychology.

Master’s Degree

Master’s degree programs typically require an undergraduate psychology degree. The program generally lasts for two years and includes a diverse assortment of courses which might include developmental psychology, history of parapsychology, past live regression, and many others.

Career Options

Paranormal psychologists mainly research various supernatural subjects. As professional ghost hunters, they make an effort to discover proof of different spirits’ existence. To do this, they take atmospheric temperature readings in an environment where there is a suspected presence, and they attempt to communicate with the spirit or engage it in acts of telekinesis. Parapsychologists can also research various forms of traditional healing methods which are considered to be effective but have no scientific basis. This can include herbal medicine and “folk” treatments, among other methods. Paranormal psychologists invest time and effort in understanding and experiencing faith healers’ supposed abilities.


The average annual salary for a paranormal psychologist is around $38,250. The actual range of salaries can be between $31,500 at the lower end and $45,000 at the upper extreme (

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